The Night Librarian
Publishing July 2024 from Dial Books for Young Readers

“Both a love letter to libraries and to literature, Lincoln’s absolutely delightful graphic tale incorporates influences from many recognizable literary works: Nana, the dog from Peter Pan, helps Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island and Alice (of Wonderland fame) track down baddies from Poe, Stevenson, and more… Charming, highly original, and sure to secure its own place in the graphic canon.”
—Kirkus ⭐️ Review

“It’s Night at the Museum, but you know, a library… VERDICT Magical and inventive—a great adventure.”
—School Library Journal

“Lincoln (the Billy Bones series) delivers an illuminating ode to the enduring power of storytelling in this freewheeling graphic novel adventure through the stacks… a heartening tale of personal growth, mutual appreciation, and the unbreakable bonds of family, wrapped in a visually captivating package.”
—Publisher Weekly ⭐️ review

“A wonderfully madcap story with engagingly stylized artwork jampacked with both literary and library love. Middle-grade bookworms will eat it up.”

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